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Kostadin Nikolov को तस्बिर
May Update
by Kostadin Nikolov - मंगलबार , 8 मई 2018, 5:46 अपराह्न

Apologies for any inconvenience caused. 

On Monday 7th May 2018 the college is closed due to a bank holiday. 

Due to unforeseen circumstances, there will be no classes on Saturday 12th of May at Elgin Community Centre W9 3QT.

We will be open 11:00 till 16:00 The Green Centre, 57 The Green, Southall,...

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Diana Simpson (Principal)
Customer Service Certificates
by Diana Simpson - बिहिबार , 26 अप्रेल 2018, 12:46 अपराह्न

Dear students 

On arrival of any certificates, our administrator will contact you to come and collect from the Southall centre. 

Please wait for the Administrator to contact you to arrange a mutually agreed time so that we can issue you your certificate in a orderly and timely manner.

If you wish to check if your certificate has arrived please email


ring the college on 0800 009 6994 select option 1 and leave a message stating your name and student ID.

Thank you

Diana Simpson


Kostadin Nikolov को तस्बिर
Location Update
by Kostadin Nikolov - बिहिबार , 12 अप्रेल 2018, 1:52 अपराह्न

Dear Students,

We have now relocated to the following addresses on the following days:

(Starting from Tuesday 3rd April 2018)

New Student Registrations:

Monday 13:00 till 21:00 The Green Centre, 57 The Green, Southall, Middlesex, UB2 4AR, Unit 13 - Unit 15

Tuesday 13:00 till 21:00 The Green Centre, 57...

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