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May Update
by Kostadin Nikolov - Аўторак 8 Травень 2018 5:46

Apologies for any inconvenience caused. 

On Monday 7th May 2018 the college is closed due to a bank holiday. 

Due to unforeseen circumstances, there will be no classes on Saturday 12th of May at Elgin Community Centre W9 3QT.

We will be open 11:00 till 16:00 The Green Centre, 57 The Green, Southall,...

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Diana Simpson (Principal)
Customer Service Certificates
by Diana Simpson - Чацвер 26 Красавік 2018 12:46

Dear students 

On arrival of any certificates, our administrator will contact you to come and collect from the Southall centre. 

Please wait for the Administrator to contact you to arrange a mutually agreed time so that we can issue you your certificate in a orderly and timely manner.

If you wish to check if your certificate has arrived please email


ring the college on 0800 009 6994 select option 1 and leave a message stating your name and student ID.

Thank you

Diana Simpson


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Location Update
by Kostadin Nikolov - Чацвер 12 Красавік 2018 1:52

Dear Students,

We have now relocated to the following addresses on the following days:

(Starting from Tuesday 3rd April 2018)

New Student Registrations:

Monday 13:00 till 21:00 The Green Centre, 57 The Green, Southall, Middlesex, UB2 4AR, Unit 13 - Unit 15

Tuesday 13:00 till 21:00 The Green Centre, 57...

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